In addition to soloists and music collectives performing at concerts, Rapla Church Music Festival will also bring outstanding pedagogues as teachers into summer academies. For ninth year in a row, summer academies are expecting participants to register for them from here and abroad. This year vocal teachers will work from 26th – 30th of July in Rapla Adult High School. For the first time Prof. Gundula Hintz from Germany and Samuel Krum from the UK will arrive to Rapla as foreign guests. Both are internationally renowned and their students are active musicians around the world. Pedagogues from Estonia, Pille Lill and Oliver Kuusik, are recognized opera singers and they have shared their knowledge and experience in Rapla Summer Academy for several years already. Learning period will finish traditionally with the Opera Gala, which will take place in Rapla church on 30th of July starting at 7 PMwhere the singers and teacherswho are taking part of the summer academywill perform.

On 31st of July, international string instrument stars will arrive to Rapla, among whom one of the brightest is world famous violinist Sergei Stadler. The learning period in the Summer Academy for String Players will last until 3rd of August, where with Prof. Stadler Leonid Kerbel (violin, Belgium), Elio Orio (violin, Italy), Stanislav Pronin (violin, Germany/Canada), Anastasia de Haan (violin, Netherlands), Sumiko Tajihi (violin, Japan/USA), Marco Misciagna (viola, Italy), Chiu-Chen Liu (viola, Taiwan/USA) and Levi-Danel Mägila (cello, Estonia) will share their knowledge and skills. The summer academy will finish with a concert in Rapla church on 3rd of August at 7 PM and the Summer School Chamber Orchestra conducted by Sergei Stadler will perform with the same concert also in Tallinn House of the Blackheads on 4th of August at 7 PM.

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