Registration until May 20th.

IV Republican Vocalists Competition 28.-29.05.2022

Preliminary round of the competition 28.05.2022 at the Hopner House
Competition final-concert 29.05.2022 at Tallinn City Hall

The competition is open to Estonian citizens aged between 17 and 35 and foreigners permanently residing and studying in Estonia (age as of 01.05.2022).

Pille Lill, Marion Melnik, Ivari Ilja, Oliver Kuusik, Aare Saal and Erki Pehk.
Competition programme:
Preliminary round: 1 opera aria, 1 solo song by an Estonian composer, 1 work free of choice.
Final: 2 opera arias, 1 solo song free of  choice (different from the preliminary round).
Participation fee 25€
Muusikute täiendõppe keskus MTÜ

Account: EE037700771003227591
Explanation: vocalists competition, name of participant.

Send competition materials to CV, portrait photo, competition programme, confirmation of payment of the participation fee.

Both the preliminaries and the final will be accompanied by a piano and open to the public. Participants must use three different languages throughout their programme. The arias in the programme will be performed in the original language and the original lyrics.
Each participant must have their own pianist.

I place € 1500
II place €1000
III place €500
Special prize for the Best Young Tenor named after Riho Terras 1000€

For more information, please contact Pille Lill 511 4077,