at the Rapla Cultural Center (50 km from Tallinn)

NB! The registration for the course is until the 21st of June!


Pille Lill from Estonia, Monika Hauswalter from Germany, Massimiliano Viapiano from Italy.
Accompanists Piia Paemurru and Tiina Kärblane.

Singing (university) students and singers who have obtained an academic higher education without an age limit as well as other singing enthusiasts from the age of 15 are welcome!

The Summer School Programme includes:
– 4 (ā 40 min) individual lessons
– 3 (ā 60 min) ensemble sessions
– 3 evening talks
– concert performance at the Rapla Church Music Festival on 13 July at 7 pm at the Vigala Church
– visits to other festival concerts, check the festival program www.raplafestival.ee

Participation fee: 290€
Estonian citizens can apply for a scholarship in the amount until 140€ towards the participation fee.

The fee includes all the items listed under the Summer School Programme, plus meals and accommodation
for 4 days/3 nights at a modern dormitory in the centre of Rapla.

Participation fee for passive listeners: 20€ a day, 60€ for the whole course (listeners have the possibility to stay at the Summer School dormitory for 15€ per night).

Please send your application titled “Rapla Singers” to e-mail plmf@plmf.ee
by 21st of June 2019 (included)  

The application should include your name, date of birth, address/e-mail, phone number, voice type, which kind of musical education you have, repertoire, what should be covered in the context of Summer School, which teacher is preferred etc.

For further information, do not hesitate to write an e-mail to plmf@plmf.ee (Pille Lill).

Sharing the Summer School information is much appreciated!