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Managing Director / International Relations
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President Toomas Hendrik Ilves welcomes YOA

Pildid / - Ilves-Letter


Estonia · Latvia · Lithuania · Sweden · Denmark · Germany 

July 1 – August 3, 2016 


What is music? Music is a vibration of air, which makes the soul sing – regardless of any language or state boundaries. Music helps us move towards our inner self with deeper strokes. Music can be a source of both profound peace of mind and vibrant joie de vivre. Music gives us a zest for life and helps everyone become a better person. 


We are glad that YOA Orchestra of the Americas has chosen Estonia to host the Residence of its 2016 Nordic-Baltic Tour. Estonia is a very lovely and tiny country. We live in the middle of large forests. While travelling through Estonia, you might even ask yourself – is the whole of Estonia one big natural park? But these forests have also safeguarded and protected us, and they have let us grow and develop mentally. Yet we have always been open to the world: the sea has brought in fresh winds from all directions. 


Music has played a very important role in our cultural history. Apparently, our Singing Revolution resounded so powerfully because it harmoniously combined our ardent yearning for freedom, peaceful temperament and love of music. 

I sincerely hope that YOA’s visit will be mutually inspiring and enrich our cultural relations. 


Toomas Hendrik Ilves 

President of the Republic of Estonia 

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